Build on personal evolution to become a teacher or guide and help others navigate life, health and well-being through yoga practices.

Starting in 2024, and running over 6 modules (via a mix of weekends, online meetings and residentials) + various self-study options, you will cultivate your own self-awareness and learn ways and techniques to assist others in their progress. This is a research teacher training which will require you to study BEFORE each weekend so that you can contribute and consolidate your discoveries by sharing and experiencing with others.

We will begin with 4 weekends, after which you can start teaching as a student:

Proposed dates:

February 16-18th in Kendal, Cumbria

March 15 - 17th in Kendal, Cumbria

April 12- 14th: Camping or Bunk barn in Cumbria

May 17 - 19th: Camping or Bunk barn in Cumbria

Summer residential:

August 15 - 18th - venue to be decided

A further 4 weekends or residentials will be decided between the group which we form, either in Autumn/Winter 2024 or Spring/Summer 2025

This may include adventures abroad or in the UK, depending on needs and development. If you wish to pursue a 500 hour training (recommended), you will be asked to undertake the Personal Evolution Certificate via the Yoga Pathway: Click here for details.

Yoga, by it’s very nature, infers flexibility, curiosity and pursuit of understanding for self-realisation. Teacher training by research encourages fluidity, adaptability and mutability - if you are unsure of anything, please ask. If you have differing needs, please ask. If you are excited by this new paradigm of training, be in touch.

Cost of instruction (including online tutorials/meetings), certification and accreditation: £1500. There will be additional residential costs, according to your preferences.

Private Teacher Training in Yoga as a way to understand and manage health (mind, body and breath)\ I am always open to running private teacher trainings for 1 - 4 people and we can negotiate hours that fit in around your lifestyle. Ring or email me to discuss.


I work in partnership with local teachers around the world to bring you the best of Yoga ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific discovery, mixing serious study with light-hearted laughter. With 25 years of eclectic Yoga wisdom with me, I also have formal diplomas in: General Hatha Yoga Dru Yoga Transformational Yoga (Hatha Yoga Master) Nada Yoga (singing bowl vibrational healing) Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Meditation Teaching Thai Yoga Massage plus experience and training in Sivananda Yoga and Iyengar Yoga